Healing - Rebuild your life, change your future, shift your perspective

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I am an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher. Angelic Reiki for me, is the most profound and magical healing modality there is. Lying back on a soft heated couch, it helps bring a sense blissed out peace and connection to Spirit.

I have seen amazing results from Angelic Reiki, and experienced those for myself, but please understand that you will need to be committed to your healing to get the most benefit from it. You are most welcome to come along just for one session if you'd like to experience it. But, if you want to enjoy the truly life changing effects of it, you will need to come on a regular basis over several months, and to help with this I offer a package deal for those of you who book for 5 sessions in one go - 6th session is free!

Available face to face at my studio in Eythorne or via distant healing from my home to yours.

My up to date spaces and availability can be found on my facebook page, or you can text me to book on 07828 647511 or email readingsandreiki@outlook.com

A £15 non refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Payable by Stripe or bank transfer.

Angelic Reiki Healing £30 or £150 for 6 sessions

Lie back in comfort & peace while my healing angel, Gizrael, works with your personal angels, guides & helpers to give you exactly the right healing for you at the level you need it. Reiki heals the whole of you...emotionally, physically and spiritually, a truly life changing energy that works alongside all medication and other healing modalities. Reiki unlocks the healing potential already inside of you and Angelic Reiki continues to heal you for up to 30 days following your treatment.

Power Pyramid Angelic Reiki £35

The most incredible spiritual healing experience! Using the sacred geometry of the powerful copper pyramid, you lie back on a heated mat, surrounded by crystals, while the pyramid pulls in and contains the healing power of the Universe. My healing angel steps forward to add their healing energy to the space, and the crystals combine forces to attune, clear & power you. A fantastic tool of manifestation, before you drift away on the magnetic energies that surround you, you are asked to focus your intention on what you desire...and what you wish to release. At the end of the treatment your energy is grounded and you are given the chance to share what your have experienced.

Shamanic Healing £100 for 3 sessions

Using my beautiful drum, my hand crafted tools and my voice I will blend into a trance like state with Spirit who will step forward and take charge of the healing. This is next-level healing work, where we meet once a month to talk, heal and clear your energy. I cannot tell you how each session will work, as it is completely guided by Spirit and your needs at that time. Powerful, grounding and magical this if for those of you are ready to work on the whole of yourself, rising past your fears and illusions and into a new space.

I believe healing is a gift, if you need healing and are unable to pay please get in contact with me and we will work it out.

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