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As my following has increased I've been able to start working with some truly phenomenal mediums, doing great work for Spirit. 

These people have all worked with me and are carefully vetted to ensure you receive a quality reading, with the insight and guidance you need.

You can find out more about what type of readings each person offers on the 'Readings' tab


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Hannah x


I am a Soul Reader, Energy Healer and Colour Intuitive. I have a keen interest in assisting people to come out of the ‘spiritual closet’ and recognise their own true nature and soul essence.


As my work has evolved over the past 6 years, I have developed a distinct affinity to working closely with colour. I read people’s energy through colour and symbols, intuitively guided to their representation and meaning. I have a deep understanding of our energy bodies and specifically how our energy centres (The Chakras) align and what they can tell us about ourselves.


In all my work I become a channel for Spirit; I am guided to deliver the information and messages needed for the recipient whether for personal or professional growth. I describe it as a ‘hand in glove’ relationship and also a continued work in progress, which will never end, but continues to enrich my life and bring me great joy and comfort.


I am very hot on the topic of ethics and integrity and hold these values high within my own work and expectations of how others work.


Hi I'm Crystal, I'm a Psychic Medium. I have had contact with the spirit world ever since I was a little girl and my family are all very spiritual, hence my name! I would often see and sense spirit all around me but not really knowing or understanding what or who it was. I remember being 13 years years old when I had my first psychic premonition and I was so excited to discover more about this ability! I was in awe at the things that kept happening to me! I would often get deja vu and I would just know when certain things were about to take place.


There are numerous ways of communicating with spirit and I see myself as an ‘all rounder’ as I see, hear, feel, sense and smell spirit. I work with my spirit team who help me to connect and communicate to the spirit world and your loved ones in spirit. I will endeavour to bring them though and give you messages of validation and guidance.

In readings Spirit will often show me memories that you shared together and also insights into your life at this present moment. They can also talk about situations and people around you at the time of your reading. Any information or guidance that comes through is for you to take with their love and their best interests at that time. I feel that we all have free will to change our paths and make our own decisions as we journey though this life time.

If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing I am able to provide Real-time written Transcripts in English or in British Sign Language (BSL) in the chat box as we connect on Zoom. I can also write up readings and email them if you prefer or I can sign in BSL or SSE via Real-time video link on Zoom.


I look forward to working with you!


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