One on One Personalised Mentorship

The perfect way to get amazing results in your development & connection

An opportunity to learn, practice, expand & grow.

These sessions are for what YOU need! Each one tailored to you and your needs at this time.

Whether you're looking for devoted one on one time to improve and refine your skills, or advice & guidance for setting up your spiritual business these sessions are completely for you and what you require!


This is a great way to get focused attention on you and your development, with maximum support and attention. Hannah has got a wealth of experience from demonstrating, teaching and working with the Spirit World.


Not just for mediumship, Hannah can support you in your healing, offer you a spiritual assessment and even give you business advice to get your offering off the ground.

Hannah takes on a limited number of mentorships at any time. You can join at any stage of development, for learning how to connect to the Spirit World, for developing & taking your readings to the next level, or for personal growth & healing.


All mentorship is held online via Zoom and sessions are approx 1 hour long.


For those of you who want to and who are on the extended programme, there will also be opportunities to practice with other mentorship students. There are also chances to demonstrate to real audiences & real sitters with Hannah's support and guidance (when you feel ready|).


Sessions are:

£133 for a single meeting

5 months block booked extended programme is reduced to £599

10 months block booked extended programme is reduced to £1111.00.

To benefit from the extended programme discount please select 'class passes' from the options on the booking site.


Hannah believes maximum impact will be received from working together over several months, but of course you can book a one off to start.


You can see available spaces and book by visiting here  (found under one on ones), but please do contact us if you need an alternative offering (evenings & weekend appointments are available, but are strictly limited)

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