Email Card Reading £10 for 3 cards, £15 for 5

This reading features the information from an Oracle Card reading (as above) sent to you via email or messenger, within a week of payment.

Clairvoyant Connection Reading £30 for 45 minutes

If you would like to make contact with a someone who has passed, this is the reading for you. Working with your loved ones in Spirit, I will provide evidence of their life and who they really were, as well as passing on any messages they wish me to. These readings are always full of love and laughter, and can be very healing for all involved. Spirit never fail to amaze me with their memories and love that they bring forward. Please note, I am not on control of who steps forward - this is the decision of Spirit, but I always trust that whoever steps forward for you at this time is exactly the right person for you. These readings are private, one on one.

I can also offer Clairvoyant Readings via Zoom or Skype.

Spiritual Assessment £30 for 45 minutes

If you're already working with Spirit and would like some advice from them about where you need to be focusing your energy and attention next then a Spiritual Assessment is for you. Using oracle cards, aura readings, pendulums (as guided to) and working with your team of Guides we will offer you meaningful advice, insight and suggestions to take your attention to next!

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Please note, all readings are for entertainment purposes only.


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When you go and see a medium, there are several types of services available, and

confusingly, most are referred to as readings! Here I will explain the types of

readings I offer, so that you can get a better idea of which one you're looking for at

this time.

Unless stated otherwise, these readings are held in my home studio, in Eythorne -

between Dover and Canterbury.

Oracle Card Reading (Tarot Card Reading) £30 for 45 minutes

Using the cards as a tool to unlock the messages you need to hear, I will give you a

bespoke and personal reading, using not only the cards but my connection to my

Spirit Guides, who will work with your team of helpers to give you the information

you need. Looking at your experiences, your energy and your life path we will give

you advice, understanding and support to set you on your way to the future, filled

with the light of your potential. These readings are private, one on one.

I can also offer card readings via Zoom or Skype.

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