Finding Your Gift

For my first post, I want to start by telling you that YOU HAVE A GIFT. Honestly! You do. We all do!

When I first joined the development circle I learn at I thought that it would be a good way to find out more about mediumship (something that has always interested me), maybe someone there would be able to give me a message from my grandfather or another relative on the other side, or at the very least it would be a chance to meditate and give my poor, over-worked brain a rest.

I soon found that giving yourself the space and time to listen and actually finding the ability to push your doubts and lack of confidence to one side meant that I COULD connect with my guides and receive information from them.

On a day to day basis your guides can help improve your life dramatically. Knowing that there are helpers there for you, whenever you need them, sending you love without judgement is so comforting and has given me so much more faith in my decisions.

So here's the basis of how it works. Listen to yourself. When you need help making a decision or are unsure which path to take, find a quiet space and ask your guides to come and help you. Whilst this can all be in your head (and not spoken aloud unless you so wish) it does help if you formulate a clear and concise request. For example, when I first started my thoughts would be along the line of this: 'Dear Guides, please come and work with me. If you can. If you're there. Are you there? I hope you're there! Anyway, if you're there and you feel like it, please can you help me. I don't know what to do about my work. I don't know if I should carry on? Should I work harder and try and put more energy into it? Or am I wasting my time? Am I wasting my time? Or should I carry on? The thing is, I'm really tired and I don't think it's making me happy blah blah blah......'. Now my requests for help are far clearer: 'Dear Guides, please can you show me the correct path I need to take for my work?'

Now the next bit is all about expectations. Don't expect a clear effigy to appear before you, glowing with a golden mystical light to take your hand and sit and talk you through the next 5 year plan for your situation. Rather, have faith and trust that your request will be answered. Spend the next few days listening to yourself. Sometimes it can take time for the answer to come. Don't push it and know that when the time is right all will become clear. There have been times for me when I have thought all was lost and I didn't have a clue, but a week later something changed and I realised that it was what I needed to happen to enable me to make a clear decision!

Your guides are most likely to contact you via your own instincts, thoughts and feelings. Allow yourself the space to listen to YOU. If it doesn't feel right, it's not right. Keep your mind open and your eyes open. And let them help you on your way. Easier said than done at the beginning, I know. But keep up the work and it becomes easier and clearer every day.

Good Luck! Hannah x

PS Always say please and thank you. It's good manners you know! But gratitude is the key to all, being thankful raises our vibration which makes you attract more good stuff!!

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