Sharing the Light

Oh I had such an interesting night in trance group last night! It's becoming clear there is so much work for us all to do in these testing times. One of the things that has really stuck with me was the message about how best we can help the world when we are surrounded by so much darkness - the answer was clear - by sharing our light.

And the message continued - sharing your light is not about mediumship or dramatic gestures, it is all about the simple things and we can ALL get involved! So here are some ways we can all help raise the vibration and make a difference:

1) Smile. I kid you not. I said this was simple! Be a friendly source of light for those around you, smiling at someone shares a bolt of your positive energy with them, and you almost always get one back! Lovely!

2) Make sure what you're sharing is caring! We have a duty to ensure that the message we promote is for the light, and not the dark. It was explained to me like this; those people who thought they were helping by sharing information about a political change they were unhappy about were actually spreading the energy of fear and negativity. If you want positive change it starts with you. Be the source of fun, don't add fuel to a fire - you may think you're educating but you're actually spreading the message of fear and hysteria.

3) Be thankful - this is so important in a time where we are in contact with so many but spend quality time with so few! If someone does something for you let them know you've noticed it - by saying thank you, you give a little of your energy to that person and it lights them up and makes them feel good.

4) Engage in the here and now. Put down those phones, turn off that TV and focus on your family. I'm so guilty of this too (a total facebook addict), but you can feel the energy that is created when you sit and engage with your loved ones, whether it's hysterical laughing over a board game or a heart to heart with your husband where you actually meet each other's eyes and really listen.

5) Take time to be in nature. I tell so many of my clients this. Go for a walk in the woods, go to a place with an amazing view of rolling hills, sit by the sea. However you choose to do this, know that admiring and appreciating nature will boost your energy. For an even bigger boost send a thought out to the universe asking them to help you fill up your energy and spend some time consciously imagining yourself being filled with golden light as you sit in the beautiful vista. This will make you feel good and also help with spreading the light - the more you have, the better you'll feel and the more you will be able to share!

Good Luck all! xx

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