There are many different types of Circle (& teacher) that you can work with, and it's important to understand that not every group will be right for you. So, all new members joining my circles are asked to come along for a few trial sessions so that I can ensure that the energies work well together. Before booking, it is also good for you to get in contact with me so we can discuss your previous experience (if any - beginners welcome) and what you're hoping to achieve from our journey together. The Spiritual Journey takes many, many lifetimes so I ask that you are committed and keep an open mind on all our activities.

Is Circle for You?

Ask yourself these questions and answer as honestly as you can:

* Are you willing to commit to working with Spirit on a regular basis and accept that it takes time & dedication to connect and then to improve that connection?

* Are you able to focus on changing your behaviour, your thoughts and your learnt patterns of programming with focused effort & intention? The Spiritual journey is more about going in than going up.

* Are you willing to push yourself to achieve more, and understand that YOU are the only person who is holding yourself back? As a teacher I can show you the journey...but not do it for you.

* When the lessons are repeated are you able to look at it with fresh eyes and remain focused and engaged? As they are only ever repeated so you can further your connection and increase your knowledge.

Are you new to working with Spirit?

If so, I recommend that you complete my online course 'Starting with Spirit' (see Learn Online tab above) before joining us to find out more about the basics of connection and frequency, although this is not compulsory.

I have an online Spiritual Development Circle on alternate Monday nights from 7pm on Zoom. You can find out more information here.

I offer workshops, courses and regular Spiritual Development Circles.

Workshops are available throughout the year on many different subjects, and

usually book up a few months in advance. I suggest you follow me on facebook

where possible to be the first in the know!

What is a Spiritual Development Circle?

A Circle is an opportunity to join energies with other like-minded individuals to connect to Spirit and progress your individual gifts. Because there is more

energy, you will find results are easier to achieve, and we learn so much from

each other. 

Working with our Guides, helpers, loved ones & Angels, we usually start off each session with a healing meditation to raise our vibration, and then spend the rest of the time doing various exercises; such as reading oracle cards, using

pendulums, drawing auragraphs and practising clairvoyance. Each week is

different, and planned by my Guides to be of the highest good for all. My circles are for developing all aspects of your connection to Spirit and your Higher Self.

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