Starting with Spirit

A 10 part course to develop your connection with the Spirit world.

This course is a fantastic opportunity for you if you've wanted to begin working with Spirit, but have no idea where to start.

Split into easily digestible chapters, this course uses video talks, practical exercises & meditation to help open up your natural gifts and start a life changing journey.

This course has been written by medium Hannah Macintyre & her team of Spirit Guides to be the perfect start for you. Hannah has studied mediumship for over 10 years and has taught hundreds of students how to connect & work with Spirit, and many of those students now have their own Spiritual businesses.

Aimed to give you a firm foundation in your mediumship, so that wherever your journey takes you in the future, you are comfortable and informed about the basics.

Over the course we will cover information on:

  • Building a connection to Spirit

  • Powering up

  • Is it Spirit or me?

  • The purpose of working with Spirit

  • Trust

  • Working with Spirit Guides

  • Understanding the different frequencies of energy

  • The power of our Ancestors

  • Using Oracle Cards

  • Inspirational speaking

  • Using Crystal Balls

  • Guided writing

  • Auragraphs

  • The love of the Angels

  • Using a pendulum

  • Ascended Masters

  • Connecting to loved ones in Spirit

  • The wisdom of Spirit

  • Past Lives

Whether you want to connect to Spirit for the joy and unconditional love & support they bring, or you want to learn to be a medium this course will give you a firm footing to start your learning. This is a great starting point if you'd like to join my Spiritual Development circle too, either online or in person.

Alll of the course is accessible at any time to suit you, perfect if you have a busy life with lots of commitments, but want to still find a way to make your connection happen.

Secure your space now with lifetime access at my online school here

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